Easy News - Sep/2019

Easy News - Sep/2019

Many news !!!

In the ongoing evolution of the EASY INVENTORY service I would like to communicate the new features (all features are now available !!!)

Mac Agent

Now the whole Mac family (iMacs, MacBooks) can be efficiently managed !!!

Linux agent (Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat and CentOS)

The most widely used open operating system in the world now has custom agents for the most widely used versions.


Through the Linear method it is possible to know the Depreciation Status of all Assets, just by entering the acquisition value, depreciation term and residual value (optional).

A specific report will show who is already fully depreciated, what any balance and totaling all amounts.

*** This item can also be used for peripherals

Attach Invoice

In response to requests, we include another option to attach Invoice, the Editing screen has a new icon (figure below), just click to insert up to 3 PDFs or JPGs files, this option is in Computers, Mobiles and Peripherals.

*** the other option (under occurrences) remains valid.

Easy News - Sep/2019

Automatic loading of AD users for People

From the AD option, it is possible to upload all users registered in AD from all Domains directly to "People", facilitating the registration of those responsible for the assets.

Easy News - Sep/2019

Automatic loading two devices for Peripherals

After Peripheral Discovery, it is possible to register all devices directly in Peripherals, a column (Linked) has been created that will show if a device is already registered (Computer, Mobile and Peripheral) or if it needs to be analyzed (Link = none).

Easy News - Sep/2019

New Automatic Alerts

Indispensable resource for IT Asset Management. Whenever an event occurs in your environment an Alert will be sent !!! When a hardware or software change occurs in any Asset an Alert will be generated and you will know immediately (by e-mail) on which equipment the event occurred. This feature will allow you to have much more precise control of your assets.

Easy News - Sep/2019

Energy savings used by your business computers

Through a partnership with AIQON we have a solution for saving energy. Using Verismic Power Manager, you can achieve an average savings of up to 50% in the power consumption of your company's computers. Contact us to find out more details ....

What's next:

IOS Agents (already in test) Linux Agent (Suse, Gentoo and Librix) Software Distribution (Deploy) Automatic Reporting

It's Easy Inventory getting more complete and getting better!!! Wait!!!