Easy News - Aug/2017

Easy News - Aug/2017


We are in "new clothes"!!!

Starting today, we will be with a new home page, even more didactic, fast and modern (www.easyinventory.com.br). In the permanent evolution of the service, EASY INVENTORY would like to communicate its new functionalities:

Time for connected computers:

In times of crisis, it is vital to control spending and avoid waste. So we've added a new feature in the main Computer Grid: the last column will show the average hours of connected equipment, so it's easy to see the machines that stay connected more than the average of 8 to 10 hours a day and generates expenses unnecessary for environments with a high number of equipment. This value (KW) can be very significant.

Uploading PDF and JPG Files to Peripherals:

This feature was only available for computers and cell phones, but now can be used for all peripherals. This way, PDF and JPG files can be stored in an unlimited way to document the entire life of the asset while maintaining a complete history record.

Available soon:

  • Mac Agents
  • Capture all users of Microsoft AD with all details
  • Cerca electronics
  • automatic alarms
  • And much more !!