10 reasons to choose Easy Inventory

10 reasons to choose Easy Inventory

See now 10 reasons to choose Easy InventoryReduction of operating costs

Solution in CloudInvestment Zero in infrastructure

  • Web access, without the need to acquire and maintain servers and sws licenses
  • Scalability and high availability, without the need for expensive and specialized technicians

Control of swap licenses Ensures compliance of your environment

  • Full control of purchased and used licenses
  • Controls also prohibited sws and purchased and unused licenses

SecurityGlobalization and traceabilityLearn where ALL the assets of your company are

  • Locate the asset geolocation in Google Maps
  • Traceability will show where you have been in the last 6 months

Electronic fenceControl the limits of use

  • Control of the perimeter of use of the equipment
  • All the movements will be known

AD IntegrationControl all users of AD (Active Directory from Microsoft)

  • Full documentation of your AD
  • Identify who has not accessed your domain for more than X months, who does not change the password, who has Administrator permission, etc.

Automatic alertsAlways know what happens

  • Whenever a critical event occurs, an Alert, via e-mail, will be generated.
  • Fundamental resource to have total control of your assets, due to changes in hw, sw, licenses, etc.

Productivity and Support Economics Performance AnalysisIdentify the slow equipment in your environment

  • Slow equipment = unproductive users
  • Beyond identification, know the causes of performance decline

Remote AccessAccess any equipment over the Internet

  • Save on support while avoiding relocations
  • File transfer and global reach (where Internet access is available)

Data security and Affordable solution Data protection Prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands

  • Erase all data from Laptops and Desktops remotely
  • Smartphones and tablets will be formatted remotely

Low cost Best cost-benefit of the market

  • Most complete solution on the market
  • No need for specialists

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