Easy News - Apr/2022

Launch of new service !!!

Following our tradition of always innovating and bringing news, we are launching the new service from the Easy Inventory family. EZ Remote Access is a remote access service, a fundamental service for all companies.

O EZ Remote Access é um serviço de acesso remoto, serviço fundamental para todas as empresas.



Save time and money with highverformance remote sessions.


Your sessions are simple and secure with end-to-end 2048-bit encryption, no need to create VPNs or forward ports

Remote access session recording

Have your remote access session saved and stored.

Unattended access

Control computers/servers unattended, as if you were in front of it.

Multiple monitors

Support multiple monitors with single or full view, switch between monitors easily.

Communication via Microphone or Chat

The contact with the end user can be made via Chat (traditional) or through the loudspeaker of the equipment.

Copy and paste files

Easy and intuitive file transfer between devices, if you prefer, use our optimized file manager to speed up large files with the option to continue in case of a dropped connection.

Do the same for less$!!!

EZ Remote Access has the same proposal as the big players on the market, such as: TeamViewer, AnyDesk, LogMain, etc.

But our solution is more competitively priced and offers virtually the same features.

Integration with Easy Inventory

EZ Remote Access is a service from the Easy Inventory family, it will be technically integrated in the coming months, but it will be sold separately, as it is another service.

  • The commercialization will be by Concurrent User, with no cost for the liabilities;
  • It can be billed per month or per year;
  • The implementation is immediate;
  • It is possible to do a test free of charge and without commitment for up to 20 days;
  • Request via e-mail contato2@easyinventory.com.br or on our page.

It's Easy Inventory getting more and more
"Easy" and getting better!