Easy News - Jan/2022

Easy News - Jan/2022

New Year starting with news!! !!!

Full compatibility with Windows 11

Windows 11

Agent for ChromeBooks

Pioneering the market with our Agent for Chromebooks

Chrome Book


In the Easy Inventory icon on Systray there is a new item: "Info"


When you click it will show a "mini" Dossier with configuration data

Easy Inventory

ATTENTION: for this feature to work it is NECESSARY to REINSTALL the Agent, after that the next versions of the update will be automatic.

Secure Boot

Identifying Secure Boot Status Similar to what we do today with BitLocker, we are going to show the Secure Boot Status of all devices. Secure Boot is an important security item and one of the requirements for installing Windows 11

Status do Secure Boot Secure Boot

What is Secure Boot and what is it for?

What is Secure Boot and what is it for? Secure Boot, is a security feature released in 2012 for devices based on the "Unified Extensible Firmware Interface" platform, popularly known as UEFI.

In short, its function is to prevent malware from infecting a device even before your system boots. This is possible through the authentication of trusted signatures present in the software and internal components of the machines, as well as their respective drivers, which are evaluated by the resource and released to work if they are approved. It is worth noting that the feature does not encrypt the components of a device and does not require a "Trusted Platform Module", the popular "TPM", to work.

Dossie - Given by BIOS and Secure Boot

The BIOS Date and Secure Boot Status now appear in the Dossier

Data da BIOS e Secure Boot

Network Gateway and External IP number

In the Grid, data from the Network Gateway and External IP number will appear

Gateway de Rede

Preventive maintenance

Now it will be possible to control the Preventive Maintenance of all equipment, just register a new occurrence, as shown below:

Manutenção Preventiva

Create an occurrence for any equipment, as shown below:

Manutenção Preventiva

New Report: R34 Devices by Secure Boot

Report (R34) was created showing Secure Boot (status), Gateway and External IP

Equipamentos por Secure Boot

New Report: R35 - Configuration History

The report (R35) was created showing the changes in the settings of the last 6 (six) months

Histórico de configuração

New Report: R36 - Preventive Maintenance

The report (R36) was created showing details of Preventive Maintenance

Manutenção Preventiva

New Alerts

3 (three) new Alerts were created, now we have 30 (thirty) Alerts !!!

Novos Alertas

What's next:

  • Software Deployment
  • Scheduled reports
  • Customization by country (currencies, measures)
  • and much more !!!

It's Easy Inventory getting more and more
"easy" and getting better!