Easy News - May/2017

Easy News - May/2017

Android Environment

In the permanent evolution of our services, we would like to inform you that Tablets and Smartphones can now be fully controlled by Easy Inventory.

All controls for hw configuration, applications, geolocation and traceability are available for Android World, which represents the.

In addition, we will have these special features:

Capacity Planning:

With this information it will be possible to also do Capacity Planning, that is, the CPU, memory and disk utilization trends of ALL the equipment will be projected for a PROACTIVE ACTIVITY that prevents possible downtime or equipment slowdown.

Usage of Apps:

Most Tablets and Smartphones have applications installed and many almost never used, occupying space unnecessarily. With that in mind, Easy Inventory will identify unused apps, that is, many can be uninstalled. This generates savings and optimization in the use of the devices, besides being practically impossible to be done manually.

Geolocation and traceability:

In addition to permanently register the Geolocation it will be possible to trace the devices every 500 meters, allowing to follow the displacement and also the distance (km) traveled. All this will be shown on a map (Google Maps), see below:

Easy News - May/2017

Mac and Linux Agents will soon be available.